To pioneer a new type of business model that leverages the best aspects of entrepreneurship, venture capital, and running companies in order to grow a portfolio of businesses that more rapidly compounds learnings, diversifies risk, and maximizes return on investment. And the more companies we start, the easier, more rewarding…and fun…it becomes.


We believe in parallel entrepreneurship and that having a portfolio of businesses we own gives us a much better long term return on our capital, better way to manage risk, and an excellent way to deploy profits achieved by our businesses. We choose to hit singles and doubles, not needing home runs for our model to succeed.  

We believe in compounded learning, and that every day is an opportunity to learn something new, and that when we uncover something it can rapidly be applied to our existing companies to help them take the next step forward.

We believe in hiring people of every gender, race and background – regardless of age or stage of career – that exhibit the right combination of passion for our business, hard-working nature, resilience and positivity – and are looking for somewhere to work long-term and commit to, knowing that long-term they will be very successful even if in the short term they could be rewarded more somewhere else.  

We believe starting and running companies is an amazing way to lead an incredibly rewarding, happy and fulfilled life, and one that guarantees we keep learning, evolving and living life to the fullest.  

We believe in the “man in the arena,” and that starting and operating companies is messy and hard and gets dust on your face but is also beyond exhilarating at every phase. We choose to build, not invest. 

We believe in starting lots of businesses very resource efficiently, every year when we can, using the people, capital and community of other businesses to test an MVP to see if potential before funding further with dedicated resources. However, we only test and start businesses “we can’t not do” and that “get us out of bed at 6am” with excitement to work on them. We know that some will work and some won’t, but we’ll learn regardless and even apply certain learnings to existing companies.

We believe in “every hour planned” time management to make sure side ventures are not a distraction and not a part of peoples core goals. We spot talent that can rise through our ranks as a day to day leader (excellent execution skills and goal exceeder) or as an EIR (excellent problem solver and hunger to learn and succeed long term in our program). We choose to promote from within whenever possible, and to demand A players from anyone joining our teams full time. And to give them a career track that is unparalleled as our companies grow. 


Jonathan Aspatore

Jonathan Aspatore

Founder and CEO

Jonathan is the Founder and CEO of Aspatore Ventures, and for the last 20 years has been a serial entrepreneur who is passionate about starting and scaling new companies.

Jonathan’s primary role at Aspatore Ventures is to conceive new company ideas, create an initial business model, then hand off the “game plan” to an entrepreneur that he mentors to test the viability of the business and scale it in the marketplace. Jonathan also then guides the entrepreneurs and management teams of existing Aspatore Ventures companies throughout the life cycles of the businesses, while they run the day-to-day operations of the companies.

Jonathan advises and sits on the boards of several companies, ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies. He has authored seven books on entrepreneurship, and most recently authored a book on (attempting to achieve) work-life balance as a Dad (The WonderDads Way). He is an avid tennis player and an Assistant Tennis Coach for St. Mary’s College. Jonathan is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania.

Leo Prada

Leo Prada

Chief Financial Officer

Leo is the Chief Financial Officer for Aspatore Ventures and manages financial matters for all our portfolio companies. He is a results-driven finance executive with extensive experience in Strategic Finance, FP&A, M&A, OpEx management, and corporate accounting at companies such as Ask Jeeves, Ask.comDictionary.com, and IAC. Leo is a forward-thinking finance executive and entrepreneur who enhances operations through automation, increased workflow efficiencies and ERP & BI implementation. Leo spent most of his youth in South America and is fluent in Spanish. He has his bachelor’s from Sonoma State University.

Keri Ribardiere

Keri Ribardiere

Chief Growth Officer

Keri Ribardiere is the Chief Growth Officer for Aspatore Ventures and currently oversees growth for WonderDads, ParentFile and several other beta companies in various phases of development. Since joining Aspatore Ventures in 2012, she has played pivotal roles with existing portfolio companies and helped shape strategic as well as operational playbooks. Keri has previously worked with numerous business to consumer companies, including The Orange County Register and The Walt Disney Company. Keri attended Cal State Long Beach and has her Bachelor’s in Business Administration.

Dallas Bond

Dallas Bond

Chief Executive Officer, AdvisoryCloud

Dallas Bond is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at AdvisoryCloud. 

Dallas has led the initial development, launch, and growth of AdvisoryCloud since it’s inception in 2012. Dallas guides long-term strategy while managing the day to day operations of the company with a particular focus on growth, product design/development, and customer experience.

Prior to co-founding AdvisoryCloud, Dallas was pursuing a CFA, working as a research analyst supporting high-net worth investors and a multi-strategy hedge fund through fundamental analysis.  

Dallas holds a B.A. in Economics and a Minor in Philosophy from the University of California Santa Barbara and is an avid Basketball player and proud father. He currently resides in Gig Harbor, WA.

Chris Beaver

Chris Beaver

Chief Growth Officer, AdvisoryCloud

Chris Beaver is the Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer at AdvisoryCloud where he oversees new growth initiatives and customer experience.

Prior to AdvisoryCloud, Chris served as COO at ExecSense Webinars, where he helped grow the business from concept, to startup, to the leading eLearning platform for C-Suite executives. He successfully managed the acquisition of ExecSense to Pearson and the Financial Times in 2013. Chris holds a bachelor’s degree from Colgate University.

Outside of the office, he enjoys playing music and mountain biking throughout the Bay Area with his dog Cooper.